NIRI is the graduate school of investor relations – where you can learn IR basics and best practices, think through ethical issues and keep abreast of developments affecting our profession. NIRI Chicago’s programs and publications help you build contacts and professional expertise, supplementing the national NIRI offerings.

NIRI Chicago welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age or physical abilities. NIRI is committed to providing a safe, productive, inclusive and welcoming environment for attendees, volunteers and staff engaged in programs and activities. Diversity is valued in NIRI Chicago governance, speaking, thought leadership and other roles. 

NIRI Chicago Membership Benefits

  • Free registration for NIRI Chicago monthly meetings, webcasts and social events
  • Discounted registration for special events – notably, the full-day IR Workshop
  • Outstanding networking opportunities with our strong peer network
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Chapter meeting summaries
  • Leadership development opportunities through your volunteer efforts
NIRI national membership is required to join NIRI Chicago. National membership benefits include access to:
  • The NIRI member directory, a great networking resource for members only
  • Career Center of IR career opportunities, again for members only
  • Publications that cover the latest developments, trends and best practices in investor relations
  • Seminars on topics ranging from the investment process to e-marketing
  • Discounted registration for the annual conference and investor services showcase, which offers tremendous networking plus everything you'd ever want to know about IR
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Have you been in IR for less than five years and are newer in your career? You may qualify for discounted membership via the NIRI Chicago NextGen program. Learn more.

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Member Orientation

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