2022 IR Workshop

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September 23, 2022
8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
The Metropolitan, Willis Tower
233 S. Wacker Drive, 66th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606


Investor relations officers needed to be even more flexible and strategic to succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fast-changing landscape caused IROs to “start” (e.g., more aggressively addressing concerns about ESG, supply chain constraints and other headwinds), “stop” (in-person meetings during worldwide lockdowns, often replaced by new and improved virtual meeting technology) and “continue” (emphasizing fundamentals to ensure an IR program meets its goals). This stop-start-continue approach seems equally valuable as COVID evolves into an endemic – and more manageable – issue. Evaluate your IR program’s start, stop and continue opportunities with help from insights and best practices of the industry trailblazers and thought leaders at our full-day IR Workshop. You’ll enjoy dialogue with panelists and IR colleagues, outstanding networking, meaningful connections and fresh ideas from IR service providers at our Exhibitor Showcase.

Keynote: BlackRock: A Passive Investor but Not a Passive Asset Manager

Speaker: John Roe, Managing Director, BlackRock

Michelle Edkins, Managing Director, BlackRock to Keynote 2022 IR Workshop

BlackRock has become one of the biggest voices in governance – and John Roe, managing director and head of BlackRock Investment Stewardship (BIS), Americas, is becoming one of its most influential leaders. He joined the firm in November 2021 after co-leading Joele Frank’s ESG group as a partner, and earlier headed ISS Analytics. Roe can discuss how BlackRock’s investment stewardship team engages with companies on governance and sustainability issues and helps shape industry standards through dialogue and thought leadership.


Panel Discussions
A Look Forward at Next Generation Investors
While new investors have flooded into the markets over the past couple of years, how will they behave over the next decade? Disrupting priorities for “next generation” investors and IROs alike: ongoing ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as increased digital adoption; greater interest in ESG factors, further emphasized by pending SEC regulations; and greater market volatility fueled by passive investing and algorithmic trading. How can IROs prepare their programs, management teams and boards for these and future changes while appealing to the next generation of investors?
ESG Influences on the Buy-Side
While ESG has become a pillar of an IRO’s responsibilities, opinions vary on which ESG factors are most effective in moving the buy-side to make favorable investment decisions. Given rapid evolution of the ESG landscape and new SEC regulations on the horizon, how should an IRO help set priorities for corporate ESG programs, initiatives and disclosures? Our buy-side panelists play an integral role in their companies’ ESG investment decisions, so they can explain the most important factors in their decision-making processes and how IROs can maximize the value of ESG outreach to the buy-side. 
Creative Approaches to Investor Engagement
How investor relations professionals communicate with shareholders and prospective investors continues to evolve as we navigate a post-pandemic return to “normal.” How can IROs expand their engagement programs to better communicate with current and new investors? Our panelists will share their creativity and success stories on engaging with investors in the current environment using virtual meeting technology, multimedia, new targeting tools, social media and/or an in-person “boots on the ground” sales approach.
The Rise in Passive and Thematic Investing
Powerful transformations in our economy due to technological and societal trends are leading to a rise in thematic investing. Identifying and understanding how macro and structural trends drive thematic investing, trading activity and stock prices beyond a company’s fundamentals is something every IRO needs to understand. Our panel will discuss the changing market structure, the rise in passive investing and how thematic investing is reshaping the investment world.